JOB TITLE: Minister of Students & Discipleship
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The Minister of Students & Discipleship is a full-time position overseeing the Youth and Discipleship ministries of Church Road Baptist Church. The Minister of Students is responsible for planning, coordinating, and promoting the student programs of the Church as well as special projects and events. The Minister of Discipleship is responsible for planning, conducting and evaluating the Church’s Discipleship program as well as developing and administering the program’s annual budget.
Minister of Students:
• Develop and administer an annual budget for the Church’s student ministries
• Conduct training for student workers
• Plan and direct student Bible study, fellowships, retreats, and mission trips
• Conduct visitation of students in hospitals and community events
• Counsel students and parents as needed
• Keep informed of current trends in student education and culture
• Develop relationships with local school officials and be available to speak and visit in the schools as requested
Minister of Discipleship:
• Work closely with the Nominating committee in enlisting qualified leaders and teachers for the educational program
• Choose and obtain discipleship and curriculum materials
• Keep up to date on latest discipleship methods and materials
• Assist discipleship leaders and teachers as needed
• Conduct visitation of discipleship leaders and teachers in hospital
• Oversee the Outreach Committee in planning and evaluating Outreach events
• Assist the Pastor as needed,
• Other responsibilities as required.